Children's Festival

24 years of fun!

As part of our social impact program, Good News Centre is dedicated to providing much-needed assistance to the community of Bottlebrush, an informal settlement in Chatsworth. As with most informal settlements, poverty, disease, and crime affect both adults and children

GNC’s primary focus is to reach, preach, and teach the Good News to the people of Bottlebrush to help them overcome these challenges. Moreover, we are committed to help make a practical and tangible difference in their lives. 

Our current involvement at Bottlebrush is threefold:


We provide 3,000 meal packs to the children four days a week. We also host a primary health care clinic for the children as required, and educate them about basic health care, personal hygiene and nutrition.


We teach them how to be God-fearing, moral, upright men, women, and children by sharing the Word of God.


We organize and recruit local & international volunteers to provide assistance to this community.

Through the grace of God and the generosity of our partners, we have positively influenced the lives of many in this community over the last twenty four years.

In addition to our ongoing Bottlebrush outreach, GNC hosts a special event focused solely on the children of the community; Children’s Festival. We will host our 24th festival on the 20 November – 4 December, 2023

How can you help?

Children's Festival Program 2023


We go to specific locations to reach the kids. Such as schools, churches, community halls. We reach about 2500 children all together.


Our volunteers lead the kids in a day filled with games, entertainment, and fun.


During Children’s Festival, all our guests get a breakfast, lunch, and a snack.


Singing, dancing, and the Gospel message presented in the most fun and exciting way!


Each child gets a package including toys and school supplies.


Above all, our goal is to make sure each child has a day full of peace, love, joy, and lots of hugs!

How can you help?

We are grateful to all who have partnered with us, and we look forward to your continued support!

Children’s Festival & Bottlebrush Community Outreach are branches of Good News Centre

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